EUROTEKK BMW, AMG and Mercedes photoshoot in Edmonton

After many years of having a website that did not accurately represent us, we decided it was time to make some changes for our vision to be accurately represented. Taking advantage of the beautiful Edmonton summer this year, EUROTEKK enlisted the amazing photographer Lee Marvin to help us present our vision to the world.

We always strive for authenticity, which is why all the vehicles featured on our website, including our projects, are owned by our clients. Not only is Edmonton a great city, it is also our home and a huge part of our story, so we wanted to feature some familiar sights in the photoshoot.

Lee had a few Edmonton landmarks in mind – The Brewery District, High Level Bridge, Cloverdale Hill – which provided the perfect backdrop for the Alpina, C63 AMG, BMW M4 and BMW M5. Chrome accents, carbon fiber details, and paint reflection all came to life to help tell the EUROTEKK story. Our story is based on the passion we put into every one of our projects, from measuring the smallest detail to carefully choosing each performance part.

To achieve the best light, the best angle, and to showcase the smallest detail, we drove our cars to designated locations where Lee directed the photoshoot. Frame by frame, his vision came to life, just as we were expecting: perfect, crisp and flawless.

A talented photographer whose pictures have been featured on Travel Alberta and the BMW Canada official Instagram page, Lee has a passion for capturing the natural beauty of the outdoors and its surroundings.

And just like any evening after a night out with friends, we winded down with our clients at the nearby Canadian Brewhouse to celebrate a successful photoshoot.

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