Edmonton BMW Repair & Performance Tuning

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance specializes in repairing German automobiles in Edmonton, Alberta.

Our west Edmonton BMW repair and performance tuning shop is a dealership alternative which strives to provide a first-class experience for our clients. We provide BMW repair maintenance, and performance tuning services, and take great pleasure in providing the utmost quality and skill when caring for your luxury import.

When it comes to your BMW, we ensure it will operate like it’s fresh from the factory, and we are also capable of creating the BMW of your dreams from our many performance upgrade choices.

Additionally, we are:

  • A Weistec Engineering certified provider (performance turbochargers and chip tuning)
  • A TerraClean certified service centre (internal engine cleaning)
    Holders of ASE and Red Seal certifications


When you choose Eurotekk Automotive & Performance, you will receive personalized service and care. We don’t see you only as a customer, we see you as a human being with real issues, who requires reliable (and enjoyable) transportation.

Alin Marinescu (owner) has over 30 years of BMW automotive repair & performance tuning experience. As a trained BMW specialist, Alin truly cares about providing top-notch automotive service.

With regular tune-ups and maintenance, Eurotekk will keep your BMW running smoothly.

Edmonton BMW Service & Maintenance Experts

Proper BMW maintenance will ensure your car or SUV has a longer, safer lifespan. Regular BMW services include brake flush, transmission service, differential service, transfer case service, coolant flushes, spark plugs, power steering flush, brake services.

At Eurotekk, our automotive service technicians are experienced in all major mechanical repairs and BMW computer diagnostics.

BMW Service 1 & 2

We ensure that all BMW services are performed according to BMW guidelines.

BMW Service 1: Has many aspects, including a road test, inspection, and tune-up, where all the major automotive components are thoroughly analyzed to verify they are in proper working order.

BMW Service 2: Includes the BMW Service 1 service, with additional aspects, such as ATF and fuel filter/air filter replacements.

BMW Service 1

The BMW Service 1 covers the items which ensure the safety and functionality of your BMW.

  • Check engine for oil leaks.
  • Check transmission for leaks.
  • Check differential(s)/transfer case for leaks.
  • Visually check fuel tank, lines.
  • Check exhaust system.
  • Check power steering system for noise/leaks.
  • Check rotors and thickness of front and rear disc brake pads.
  • Check brake lines and hoses for corrosion/cracks.
  • Check steering for any play, condition of suspension tie rods, ball joints, steering linkage.
  • Check control arm bushing.
  • Check struts/shocks/springs.
  • Check clutch hydraulic system.
  • Check parking brake cables.
  • Check tire pressures.
  • Check condition of tires.
  • Check engine cooling system/heater hose connections for leaks.
  • Check coolant for its strength/level.
  • Check level of brake and clutch fluid in reservoir.
  • Check windshield washer fluid level.
  • Check antifreeze protection/level.
  • Check climate control/HVAC system.
  • Check rear defogger.
  • Reset Service Indicator.

Body/Electrical Equipment

  • Check battery.
  • Check exterior and interior lighting system,
  • Check instrument cluster illumination.
  • Check wiper and washer systems, wiper blades.
  • Check condition and function of safety belts.
  • Lube hood, trunk/tailgate, and door hinges.
  • Check operation of door locks.
  • Replace cabin filter.
  • Check rear view mirrors
  • Check airbag.

Perform Road Test

  • Road test with check of brakes, suspension, steering, clutch/manual transmission or automatic transmission

BMW Service 2

The BMW Service 2 includes the Service I with additional items such as ATF, fuel filter and air filter replacements, and spark plugs.

CBS (Condition Based Service)

BMW Conditional Based Service (CBS) was first introduced in the 2002 7 series BMW, now a standard feature on most new BMW’s. CBS is an evolution of BMW’s standard service indicator system. The benefit of the CBS is that the owner is more aware of the actual maintenance required.

BMW Performance Upgrades

Beyond basic maintenance, Eurotekk excels at installing performance upgrade modifications to maximize your BMW’s speed and handling.

Turbo Chargers & Superchargers

By modifying your engine to allow the least obstructed path of airflow, we can greatly increase the top speed and acceleration capabilities of your BMW. In some cases, we can improve your engine’s output by 50%!

Methanol Injection

A powerful engine will run hot, lowering its performance if not managed. Methanol injection can quickly absorb this heat and lower the air charge temperature. Denser, cooler air allows more fuel to be injected into the engine, leading to gains in horsepower and torque output.

Performance Exhaust

A standard exhaust can constrict the airflow moving through your system, which can lead to increased air temperature causing power losses. Furthermore, this can cause early wear on the engine. A free-flow exhaust system reduces backpressure and increases the flow of exhaust fumes. This keeps the exhaust temperature down, improving performance.

Performance Suspensions and Brakes

A performance vehicle with a lot of horsepower will need suspension and brake upgrades to maintain its drivability. When turning and braking in extreme conditions, unchecked heat build-up in the brakes can lead to failure. Performance suspension and braking systems reduce unsprung weight and can last 3x longer than regular brakes.

Chip Tuning

To further enhance performance, consider chip tuning, which optimizes the way your BMW’s computer reacts and sends commands to other systems. For greater response time, increased acceleration, and more power, consider ECU chip tuning.

Eurotekk provides custom BMW performance, so that the value of your vehicle can be preserved. We take into account different factors; like driving style, maintenance history and weather, which other shops often neglect. We tailor a solution to your specific needs, keeping value, longevity and cost-effectiveness in mind.

Additionally, you’ll love our customer service. We listen carefully to your concerns and ensure no issue is overlooked. Once we have received the necessary information we will invite you to rest in our lounge (or arrange transportation if required) while we inspect your BMW. When we have had a chance to test drive and run diagnostics, we will inform you of your vehicle’s status with an estimate, to which you are free to accept or decline.

We take great pride in helping you with your BMW performance needs.


When you think you have found your dream BMW, a pre-purchase inspection is the best way to ensure your dream does not become a nightmare. A BMW pre-purchase inspection can save you a lot of money and frustration. Knowing what repairs might be needed allows you to make an informed purchase.


At EUROTEKK, we perform a thorough mechanical inspection as well as a test drive in order to determine the BMW’s condition. We indicate existing repair/maintenance issues, and also inform you about possible upcoming repairs. Costly problems can be identified during a pre-purchase inspection, such as suspension damage, hidden leaks, unusual engine/transmission/drivetrain noise, as well as fluids condition. We also advise you about the most common BMW periodic maintenance items you should be aware of.

There are many causes for a noisy engine. First we need to investigate whether the noise is coming from the top or bottom of the engine.  We will then assess whether crank/rod bearings, lifters, or defective timing actuators is the problem.

We use the latest equipment and tools, which are at the BMW service dealer level. We continuously invest in new diagnostic software and BMW specialized training in order to be able to provide the highest level of quality to our clients.

Yes, an appointment is the best way to ensure that your BMW is being allotted the right amount of time and that it is delivered on time. We can discuss the work that needs to be done and agree on the cost and duration in advance. Your BMW will receive great service, and be ready for pickup at the agreed period of time.

Once we have had the chance to debrief the Condition Based Service module (CBS) we will be able to provide you with a list of the outstanding services together with an estimate.

EUROTEKK can arrange a rental car for you, at a preferred rate. You are going to be picked up by the rental company (at our location) and driven to the rental car center to pick up your rental car. After your rental car is returned to the rental car center, you will be dropped off back at our shop by the rental company. Therefore, you don’t need any other form of transportation to and from the rental company.

This is always a safety concern. It could mean that at least one of your tires could be below the recommended inflation pressure. The first thing to do is to pull over in a safe place and check your tire pressure (all four tires). Take into account the BMW’s recommended pressure level (usually displayed on the door pillar, or sometimes on the door itself). If you are uncomfortable doing this, at least have a visual check to make sure a tire is not flat, then slowly drive to the nearest tire center to have your tires checked by a tire technician.


Fill your tires with the recommended tire pressure or, if your tires are damaged, have them replaced or repaired. The tire pressure light should automatically turn off when the tires have been inflated to their recommended pressure, and the tire monitoring system has been reset (read your BMW owner`s manual about how to reset the tire monitoring system). Please note: Not all BMW tires are equipped with TPMS sensors (they measure the tire pressure) – which are part of the tire valves.


The other type of BMW tire pressure system doesn’t have tire pressure sensors, instead, it uses ABS sensors, which read the RPM of each wheel. If the system reads that one wheel has a higher RPM, the tire pressure warning light comes on. This means that the tire is losing air, and will have a smaller radius from the center of the wheel to the ground, which causes that wheel to spin faster.

BMW is a great car. The most common cause of failure is lack of maintenance/neglect. Also, we have seen a lot of harm done by DIY projects/repairs done by following YouTube tutorials.