AMG repair

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Our repair shop provides a full range of Mercedes and AMG services and maintenance. Based on our 30+ years of experience monitoring and observing the quality of used engine oils after the prolonged oil service intervals, we recommend keeping the engine oil and filter separate (from the rest of the factory schedule of service maintenance A, B, C, etc.). We recommend that you change your oil every 5000 KM and respectively 8000 KM, depending on the amount of oil capacity/engine size.

Together with regular oil changes, the factory recommended Service A and Service B (which are alternatively performed) will help maintain your vehicle’s value and keep your maintenance costs low.

The factory scheduled maintenance booklet is a great guide to take care of your Mercedes-Benz, but this “global booklet” means we don’t apply the same general rules for maintenance, but we apply them based on location. Therefore, we advise our clients to perform a custom maintenance depending on where the vehicle is driven: in our case, the Alberta region.

For example, there is a big difference the way your Mercedes starts and warms up at -25 Celsius in the Alberta winter and how it starts during the summer at +30 Celsius. In some cases you can have more than one choice of the fluids that you can run in your Mercedes, depending if it is summer or winter.

Custom Maintenance

We provide custom maintenance based on Service A, Service B and Service C that ranges from engine oil and oil filter replacement, brake inspection to brake fluid, coolant, power steering, differential and transfer case fluid exchange, transmission service and cabin filter etc.

Whenever you bring your AMG or Mercedes to our workshop for a scheduled maintenance, during the service, an actual inspection is performed. The purpose of this inspection is to identify any outstanding issues, especially safety issues, of which the owner is unaware.

Unless the vehicle is lifted, the underneath covers removed and inspected for leaks etc you may not know of potential problems.

We also perform test drives to make sure that abnormal noises are not present. Sometimes owners can get used to these noises and may think they are normal, especially when that noise appears and grows incrementally over time, or it is not being noticed at all until our experienced AMG specialists get to drive the vehicle.

We’re here for the services your Mercedes and AMG needs, Get your vehicle serviced today!

AMG maintenance is not a commodity. AMG service can only be a personalized service. It is important that the vehicle is known by the tech servicing it. Just as the factory has its “One man, One engine” policy, so do we. At EUROTEKK, we take care of your AMG from start to finish. We take our time to study the vehicle’s history, we keep recorded data on everything that has been done to it and its current condition. We can then properly suggest the right maintenance it needs, or if you are interested in tuning, we can recommend the best options for you.

“One man, One engine” is the pledge of the Affalterbach factory – the AMG engine is hand-built from the beginning to the end by one single Master Mechanic. It is an engineering work of art.

EUROTEKK’s special services for Mercedes/AMG include

  • High-quality racing fluids
  • Racing alignment
  • Personalized maintenance schedule for each AMG individually depending on its current condition
  • Access to premium parts
  • Access to premium accessories for body customization (carbon lips, carbon wings, underbody lights)
  • ECU tuning
  • Turbo upgrades
  • Supercharging
  • Transmission mechanical upgrades
  • Premium exhaust systems

Driving an AMG is a phenomenal experience: power, luxury, and raw emotion. But there is more. For the AMG enthusiast who wants everything, EUROTEKK is offering the entire Weistec performance product line. A few of our projects can also be seen on our YouTube and Instagram social media sites.

EUROTEKK can increase AMG engine power up to well over 700hp, for a dramatic and unique driving experience. Whether for your daily driver or for a special day at the quarter-mile track, your AMG will deliver above your wildest expectations. A personalized maintenance schedule developed by EUROTEKK will ensure that your AMG is kept in spec condition. High-performance racing lubricants and regular servicing will keep your AMG performing at its best.

Being an AMG owner brings infinite joy, but it also comes with great responsibility. When it comes to performing the required tuning, maintenance, and repairs of your AMG, it takes a specialized performance shop with a great wealth of expertise, thorough knowledge of the product, and a proven track of success in catering to this exclusive brand.


If you are a new client, before considering any tuning, we will ask you to fill out a questionnaire regarding the vehicle’s condition and history. Based on your answers we can make the necessary recommendations regarding any pre-tuning work that is required so that your AMG can withstand the new horsepower and torque. Sometimes a proper assessment of your AMG’s condition needs to be conducted by an experienced AMG tech.

91 octane fuel is to be used exclusively for the AMG on a regular basis. Should you take the car to the track, it is recommended that 94 octane gasoline is used.

EUROTEKK has access to some of the best European and North American accessories suppliers. High-quality carbon fiber hoods, wings, and lips are not only for improving aerodynamics but will also give your AMG a more aggressive stance.

Following a maintenance schedule is paramount, both for the tuned and the non-tuned AMG. The personalized maintenance schedule designed by EUROTEKK and specifically tailored for your AMG ensures that your car is functioning at its optimum parameters. For the tuned AMG, a personalized maintenance schedule also ensures that you will enjoy the increased power without fearing damage to the car.