Improve Your Engine Power

Whether you have a 400 HP engine or up to 1000 HP project, EUROTEKK will do all of the necessary modifications and fitments with professional finishing and looks. Occasionally, projects will involve design and fabrication of components in order to accomplish the owner’s desired target.

In order to gain performance the right way, the air that enters the engine needs to be directed by using the least obstructed path and exhaust gases have to exist with the least resistance. Our design always involves functionality and performance first.

Turbocharge your performance

Boost the power of your BMW, Audi, Mercedes, AMG or Porsche engine with a turbocharger and significantly increase its horsepower while improving your driving experience.

Supercharged cars operate on different principles than turbocharged vehicles, there are a number of significant differences in the required maintenance and service of these high-performance vehicles. In a supercharged or turbocharged vehicle, extra air is forced into the engine to create more power. This is called ‘forced induction’ and it puts the engine under stress in order to operate at its highest capacity.

There are certain precautions you should take to keep your European import performing at its best. Both turbocharged and supercharged cars are heavily dependent on their cooling system to keep them at a safe running temperature. EUROTEKK can inspect your vehicle’s supercharger or turbocharging system and note any areas of concern and suggest possible performance improvements for your BMW or AMG, Mercedes, Porsche or Audi.