If you are reading this, chances are you are a connoisseur of finer things in life, always striving to be the best and have the best.

For almost a decade in Edmonton, and with a long list of successfully completed projects, EUROTEKK is the high-performance specialist, and a leader in the tuning field, as we have helped many happy clients set themselves and their cars apart from the crowd.


At EUROTEKK we offer Stage 2 tuning and up for Mercedes AMG, BMW M Performance, Audi R8, and Porsche Turbo, exclusively using high-end quality performance parts. Whether you are opting for a set of downpipes/ecu tune or are interested in upgrading or installing performance turbos or a supercharger, we have the best solution for your car.

Based on a thorough conversation which helps us identify your goal, your driving style, and whether you are a racing enthusiast or not, we will offer the package that best serves your needs.


Not only do our tuning solution increase horse power and torque, but heat elimination is managed in a better way than on a stock car. Downpipes, custom manifolds, and the elimination of catalytic converters ensure an optimal exhaust flow preventing overheating and heat soaking. A deeper sound of the exhaust more baritone, is also a byproduct of tuning. Our clients are always pleasantly surprised to experience the new sound of their car for the first time. We can also remove the top speed limiter, and for our younger clients (or young at heart) a burble is always a great addition.

With greater power comes bigger confidence in the car’s capabilities. We always recommend a racing-type alignment used for formula car set up, which we perform in house. This ensures 100% accuracy and better handling.


During the past decade we have been tuning German cars in Edmonton it was always reliability that we have given the most attention to. It is paramount for us that our clients enjoy their tuned vehicles without any incidents, for hundreds of thousands of kilometers. We received many inquiries from potential clients who wanted the maximum power without considering the reliability of the projects. We always decline to sacrifice reliability for short lived fun. We work with the client and advise them what the best solution is for the goal and budget they have in mind. Time is also a factor to consider, as bigger projects take longer time – if for instance the engine needs to be rebuilt with performance parts in order to be able to sustain the desired power level.


Personal service, based on trust and respect is what we strive to offer. We are good listeners. We believe in long term relationships. The end result, as well the process, must feel right for our clients. When our clients bring a second car to us for tuning, or when they keep building a car to a greater stage, it is the confirmation of having had done the right thing.

Joining the client on the first test drive after the car has been modified has always been Alin’s greatest reward.

**Please be advised that we only tune I6, Flat 6, V8, V10, V12 engines.


If you are only interested in a Stage 1, there are plenty of on-line solutions or tuning boxes to choose from. Based on our experience, our clients have always come back for a Stage 2 or more after having tried a Stage 1. This sometimes results on wasted money as some flashes cannot be resold. We have therefore decided to only offer Stage 2 and up as this way the client has the chance to really enjoy the car without thinking they are missing out on more power.

For a naturally aspirated engine, the conventional route is to supercharge it. Although expensive, this is more cost effective than turbocharging. If money is not an issue, turbos do offer spectacular results in some cases – such as the Audi R8 - and are definitely worth splurging on.

If you are considering anything over 900hp then definitely more attention should be given to the engine and transmission. Engine sleeving, TCU tuning and transmission upgrade, intercoolers, upgraded injectors, colder spark plugs, are all great additions to ensure the car is reliable even when at the 1000hp mark or above.

If you still have warranty on your car, it is best to call your dealer and discuss all the implications of tuning your vehicle.