Unrestricted Engine Performance

Reduce Back Pressure and Increase Exhaust Gas Flow

Performance exhaust is one of the quickest ways to improve performance gains. Free-flow exhaust not only keeps the exhaust temperature at bay and enhances the exhaust gases to be easily expelled, but also prolongs engine life.

Free-flow exhaust systems are superior to a restrictive exhaust system that can lead to premature wear of the engine components and also ruin potential power due to the increased heat.

A restrictive exhaust can mean anything from a badly designed exhaust manifold, a clogged catalytic converter, an exaggerated number of turns of the exhaust piping, to a bad muffler, and so on. There is no serious power gain project without considering a performance exhaust application.

At EUROTEKK, we offer the best-designed performance exhaust for BMW or AMG, Mercedes, Porsche and Audi, for both power and sound.