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Edmonton BMW Repair Review:

EUROTEKK – Review by Curtis S.

“Overall very happy with my experience!”

My 745li bmw was a mess before I took it to Eurotek, sounded rough and emitted blue smoke. I am not very mechanically inclined myself, so I feel blessed I found someone who not only understood the problem but was also able to explain it to me in a way I could understand.
Overall very happy with my experience!

Edmonton Mercedes Repair Review:

EUROTEKK – Review by Riyaaz D.

“I highly recommend him…”

I own a Mercedes ML 63AMG and Nissan GTR both being superb performance vehicles so finding the right people to work on these vehicles has always been my utmost priority. Having moved all across Canada and finally ending up in Yellowknife, I started my search to find someone whom I could trust and someone who was an expert at their game. I found this person in Alin Marinescu at Eutotekk after doing my own literature survey on the internet. It is now 2 years that I make the drive from Yellowknife to visit Alin at Eurotekk to ensure my AMG is always reliable and ready to perform in one of Canada’s harshest environment. I highly recommend him for his expertize, integrity and personalized interaction with people like myself. His diagnoses is fast and accurate and his workmanship on par or better than any dealership I have been to without the dealership prices. One thing for sure, he will always take the time to explain the issues and
It will not be fair if I do not make mention of Alin’s wife Elizabeth. She has a charming personality and will make you feel right at home as you enter the door.
Keep doing what you doing Alin.

Edmonton Mercedes Repair Review:

EUROTEKK – Review by Angela L.

“Great experience with Eurotekk.”

Great experience with Eurotekk. My GLK 350 has never run better. I will definitely be back.

Edmonton BMW Repair Review:

EUROTEKK – Review by Yj L.

“Eurotekk was the overall best choice…”

I am the owner of a 328 I – that had been modified with some high end modifications – like oversize brakes – after several references from other garages about a good reputable BMW auto repair – Eurotekk was the overall best choice- according to several domestic garages. Alin is one of the most conscientious business person I have ever met – Truly – he treated my car like it was his – and informed me of all the needs that the vehicle would require to bring it back to 100% – prior to doing the work required – this is what every auto repair should do – Eurotekk will definitely be getting more of my business and referrals as the right place to bring your vehicle – Very safety conscious people – Well done – YL

Edmonton BMW Repair Review:

EUROTEKK – Review by Melanie H.

“Couldn’t ask for better service!!!”

They went above and beyond to accommodate the fact that we are from out of town. They even came in to work on my car when they were closed to ensure it got done to fit my out of town schedule. Couldn’t ask for better service!!! They have and will always be my BMW service shop.

Edmonton Audi Repair Review:

EUROTEKK – Review by Aerugo P.

“The car has never run better and Eurotekk has gained a new customer.”

A little background: I bought what I thought was a quality Audi but it turned out to be a lemon – spent most of my ownership time with it in a shop wasting my time and lots of money for ineffective repairs. For the first time in my life I did NOT follow due diligence in car buying, and fully make myself aware of what i was buying and emotions got the best of me when I bought the Audi. The second mistake was the choice of service shop – I would like to name it but wish to avoid legal trouble because internet comments live (nearly) forever. Many $1,000’s later in repairs and at the point of writing off the Audi, I decided to give it one more chance and took it to Eurotekk. Alin and Elizabeth provided exemplary service to get my Audi functional again. Alin calmly and professionally explained all the steps needed to properly service the Audi. The car has never run better and Eurotekk has gained a new customer. I still have some outstanding issues with the Audi, but the major work has been done.

Edmonton BMW Repair Review:

EUROTEKK – Review by Stuart C.

“I would recommend him to anyone…”

I have been taking my car here for a little over a year now. I have become to know the owner, he has been incredibly helpful, he has done numerous jobs for me on my E90, One being a motor swap. I am fairly new to Edmonton again and had no idea where to take my bmw. Alin is worth his weight in gold, Take his advice!!!!!! I can not stress this enough. It will literally save you thousands. I would recommend him to anyone with a luxury european car to utilize not only his skill set but vast array of knowledge across the board on all luxury performance vehicles.

Edmonton BMW Repair Review:

EUROTEKK – Review by Steven D.

“Every time I’ve been here I’ve had positive experience…”

I’ve been to Eurotekk many times now getting several services done. Every time I’ve been here I’ve had positive experience, and gained greater knowledge of what was going on with my vehicle. Allen explains everything he’s doing very professionally and therough. He has reasonable prices for his work. Recently I brought my car to Bavaria BMW to get my summer rims/tires switched over. They said my bolts were all seized, damaged and overtorqued. They wanted to charge me 680$ for the most simple tires change. I picked up my car from Bavaria and brought it to Allen where he showed me how easy the tire change really was. He had all my wheels untorqued in a matter of minutes and said he would only charge me for the standard rims swop. Great to have someone like Allen around.

Edmonton BMW Repair Review:

EUROTEKK – Review by Jennifer R.

“I will definitely be returning to Alin…”

I took my 2006 BMW to another shop close by because it was leaking an insane amount of oil. I paid a lot of money and the leak came back in 6 weeks. Alin fixed the leak and repaired the damage done by the other shop. He was professional enough not to point fingers or blame the other mechanic. He just politely showed me why I was leaking so much oil and how he would fix it. The leak has not returned and I will definitely be returning to Alin for all my oil changes and servicing. There are not a lot of mechanics that a female who knows nothing about engines or vehicle maintenance can go to without feeling like she is being taken advantage of. Thanks Alin! See you soon.

Edmonton Audi Repair Review:

EUROTEKK – Review by Ryan T.

“My expectation is that I will continue to service my vehicle at Eurotekk.”

I own a 2013 A4 Audi. It has been serviced at Eurotekk since it was new. I have found the service to be timely, transparent, and reasonably priced. My expectation is that I will continue to service my vehicle at Eurotekk.

Edmonton Mercedes Repair Review:

EUROTEKK – Review by Azi P.

“I think he can do just about anything you want…”

Alin knows German vehicles inside out. I also happened to see him in the process of repairing a defective (from factory) aftermarket Subaru turbo for another customer who had an undiagnosed boost leak. He did Turbo upgrade on my Mercedes and I’ve seen him doing supercharger installation on ml63. I think he can do just about anything you want to you your car whether it’s simple routine maintenance or an involved project. This kind of shop is hard to find.

Edmonton BMW Repair Review:

EUROTEKK – Review by Shereen I.

“Professional, thorough, informative and reliable.”

Professional, thorough, informative and reliable. I leave understanding what the problem was and how it was fixed. Really appreciate that they take such great care of my BMW. Thank you Eurotekk.

Edmonton Mercedes Repair Review:

EUROTEKK – Review by Valerie R.

“I will definitely be returning to Eurotekk!”

Recently purchased an older Mercedes that was very well taken care of but still knew I would most likely have to do a few repairs. When it was time for an oil change I searched around looking for a place to service it. I called a couple places; however, these places could/would not answer my simple questions over the phone, or would not even pick up the phone during business hours…so I decided to give Eurotekk a call. When I called they were extremely polite on the phone and were able to answer all my questions, so I booked an appointment. When I took my vehicle in I had a couple problems going on that I wanted checked out. Alin diagnosed the problems and explained them perfectly to me! Now the car runs great! I will definitely be returning to Eurotekk! This is old fashioned friendly service…a hidden gem in an industrial area of the city! Thanks Eurotekk!

Edmonton BMW Repair Review:

EUROTEKK – Review by Ian C.

Alin does a great job…”

Alin does a great job, he never tries to sell you more than you need. He always advises what repairs are necessary and how to prioritize. My X5 is now in great condition.

Edmonton Audi Repair Review:

EUROTEKK – Review Liana S.

“Highly recommended!”

I have an Audi A4 that had a cylinder misfiring. I took it to two mechanics that couldn’t find the problem. We found Alin and based on the reviews decided to try him. He was excellent. He was very thorough and was able to diagnose the problem right away. Alin also takes the time to explain what is wrong with the car and provides simple recommendations for keeping your car running at optimal performance. His prices are fair and his service impeccable. Highly recommended!.

Edmonton Mercedes Repair Review:

EUROTEKK – Review by Vitali S.

“Highly recommended!”

Unfortunately, I heard about Eurotekk after I went to Mercedes. So it cost lots of my time and money to get a negative answer, that they cannot fix my car. At Eurotekk Alin found the problem and I got my car fixed for a fair price. Highly recommended!

Edmonton Mercedes Repair Review:

EUROTEKK – Review by Andy K.

“…honest about the diagnosis.”

The automatic transmission on my Mercedes C280 was acting up intermittently. A few times it felt like it was ‘slipping’, and/or not changing gears properly. So I dropped the car off at Eurotekk, and left feeling concerned that it might be a multi-thousand dollar repair. Mercedes transmissions are finicky, and often end up costing a lot to fix. Allin assured me he’d assess the issue and report back. After several road tests to see if the issue would repeat, and checking everything, he ended up replacing the O-ring and the 13 pin connector to the transmission. The connector had a leaky O-ring (a common problem with these transmissions). The final bill was just a bit over $200, considerably less than what I was worried about. Thanks Allin for fixing my car, and thanks for being honest about the diagnosis. You often hear stories about Mercedes automotive repair shops/dealers doing work that really didn’t need to be done, and charging an arm and leg too, this was not my experience at Eurotekk; quite the opposite actually.

Edmonton Audi Repair Review:

EUROTEKK – Review by Christine M.

“I’m very happy with the service…”

My husband and I had the unfortunate event of having to replace our transmission in our Audi all road and up until this point no one we’ve ever dealt with really knew how to take care of this vehicle (other than having to go to dealership, which neither of us really wanted to do anyway) Either they don’t have the proper tools or they’re not quite sure how to fix the problem, this has been extremely frustrating and at times has literally been exhausting.
My husband found Eurotekk online and we decided to bring the car to Alin to replace our transmission. After some unfortunate unforeseen events (transmission we were going to receive was broken before Alin received it and therefore he needed to find another one for us) and a long wait, Alin finally received our transmission and dedicated his time to install the new transmission and get it back to me as soon as he could. Despite the wait, which neither I or Alin could have prevented he was very timely and incredibly knowledgeable about everything being done and he took the time to explain everything to me. I’ve now had my car back for a couple days now and it runs beautifully. I’m very happy with the service and I will be bringing it back to them from now on. Anyone having troubles finding a educated experienced mechanic that specializes in German vehicles absolutely needs to visit Eurotekk

Edmonton Mercedes Repair Review:

EUROTEKK – Review by Ben M.

“I will be more than happy to refer Alin and Eurotekk Automotive…”

I recently purchased out of an estate, a 2004 SL500 Sport Mercedes that was special ordered, and had been in controlled storage for over 10 years. Having only 8,000 miles this like new beauty was an investment. I wanted to find a first class local service provider. After many calls to dealers and garages, I was totally unimpressed with apathetic and smug advisers, seemingly quite comfortable with actually understanding very little about their own product. Quite by chance I called Eurotekk, and Alin answered the phone. In short order I realised I was not only speaking with a seasoned Mercedes technician, but also the very fellow who owned the business, and would be servicing my vehicle. An owner-operator-perfect !
Alin inspected the Mercedes from bottom up, and confirmed we had a very special vehicle here.We agreed to replace all the fluids with updated synthetics, and repair a minor electrical and steering wheel issue. Alin ordered the parts and completed the necessary work, all the while taking great caution to keep the pristine leather interior and carpets, covered, and out of harms way. He kept me informed, regarding the work progress, and in fact I spent time with him as he did some hoist work. The special option AMG handling system and the extra wide Brabus wheels and tires were all checked and tested for safety and function, and a complete written report was given to me when everything was finished. The work that Alin did was totally professional, very competitively priced for this class of vehicle, and I have driven this Mercedes, as it can be driven, with complete confidence, having no problems. When this vehicle is sold, I will be more than happy to refer Alin and Eurotekk Automotive to the new owner.
Good job Alin.

Edmonton BMW Repair Review:

EUROTEKK – Review by Albert L.

“I would recommend you give them a try.”

I have used Eurotekk a few times now for my BMW 335i X-Drive and I am always impressed by the service from Alin. He will go into detail what part needs to be replaced and explain to you why it’s causing the issue because he is the owner and auto technician that works on your car. I find the quality of repair is much higher than at the local BMW dealerships because you don’t have novice mechanics working on your car but instead a very experienced technician equivalent to the shop foreman at the dealerships. If you haven’t used Eurotekk before, I would recommend you give them a try.