As taken from their website, TerraClean™ is a privately owned Canadian subsidiary brand that is known for producing superior chemicals and award-winning tools for the automotive aftermarket industry. Our products are engineered with the technician in mind and incorporate functionality, quality, and value.

Every TerraClean™ machine and chemical undergoes systematic testing to ensure it performs better than competitive products. All products are purely professional grade. You won’t find them in your local retail store but you will find them being used at EUROTEKK. We understand not all additives are the same.

TerraClean™ Features and Benefits

Performing a TerraClean™ service on your BMW or Mercedes-Benz will:

  • Remove carbon from the entire fuel system.
  • Restore fuel efficiency.
  • Maximize vehicle performance.
  • Reduce harmful emissions.

Why Use the TerraClean™ Decarbonizer?

Unlike its competitor products, the TerraClean™ Fuel System Decarbonizer removes carbon deposits from the entire fuel system, including catalytic converters and O2 sensors. The TerraClean™ services work without harsh additives, which is better for your vehicle’s components and the environment. There are virtually no noxious emissions emitted by TerraClean™ Decarbonizer (when used properly).

TerraClean™ Engine Treatment

The TerraClean™ Engine Treatment with Optima Fuel System Cleaner will perform a rapid cleanup of the entire fuel system. The fuel system cleaner removes “gum, varnish and carbon deposits while inhibiting reformation.” There will be a reduction in overall friction and engine wear from sludge, and an increase in power and fuel economy. Unlike zinc and phosphorous based products, the TerraClean™ services will protect your engine without doing any damage to your catalytic converter.

The Optima Fuel System Cleaner is added to gasoline and will rapidly clean clogged injectors and restore their proper spray patterns. Additionally, it will remove water from the fuel system, which will aid in preventing corrosion within your fuel system.

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